Monday, December 21, 2009


If anyone read my last blog it too was about a trip. This is as well but I will not go into details of the preflight snacking situation. As usual the 5 am alarm goes off too early as I anticipate the arrivals of my little buddies, Tracy and Robb, who will accompany me to Greenwich. It is def a Dunkin Donuts morning at JFK . IMG00137  I am quite excited to be working on an install with one of my oldest and dearest clients, who I have code-named UB (you will have to ask me personally to un code this).

We arrive late afternoon to the beautiful house of UB, as she graciously slides down the stair banister in greeting yelling out GG, GG, where are you GG. We then are quickly escorted out to dinner. At The Box Car Cantina we quickly make up for lost time while kicking back a few SUPER CHIEFS (Margarita’s). My good time ends into a blissful sleep on my third floor private ensuite accommodations. IMG00165

The morning starts with a jolt at 8:00 am as the house is converged upon, by hundreds (well maybe not hundreds, but many) workers. We have scheduled electricians, painters, installers, movers, and various other construction types. Meanwhile the three dogs are barking incessantly RUFF RUFF GRRRRRR RUFF RUFFF. It really is organized chaos. Thankfully Tracy has it all organized and is conducting it all like a beautiful orchestra. The House is looking great and we are ready for some serious shopping. Tuesday is all about Stamford art and antique shops. We are stunned at our great assortment of art, accessories and furniture. Our delivery company is picking up from 4-5 different vendors. We cannot wait to see it all in the house. Wednesday, more antique shopping in Stamford and a jaunt to the Big Apple to visit ABC Carpets. Of course while driving we are virtually stopped on the highway, now serving as a parking lot. We are going nowhere and nowhere for quite a while. While, my little buddies and UB are happily singing along to Lady Gaga, the mood changes. Tracy decides Mother Nature is calling and unceremoniously exits the car and on to the highway running past all the stopped cars. As he scampers off into the woods, UB and I are terrified. My clutched pearl necklace has basically broken as I live in fear we may start driving soon and Tracy will not be able to catch up. We are dangerously at a bridge as well so Tracy must make it back now or he may be LOST FOREVER, OH DIOS MIO……… phew disaster averted as my little buddy makes it back safe and sound. IMG00147

Later that evening returning to the safe confines of Casa UB, we decide to have a quick impromptu cocktail hour with a few local friends. As the privileged guests arrive I note each has made a coffee run. How nice, a little java to warm the bones. I must have Na├»ve stamped all over my head as I note more and more refills of “coffee” are being made in the kitchen. As I sneak a peek while the guests are getting their final “Greenwich coffees” for the road I am aghast to see it is virtually pure vodka in a coffee cup. WHAT!!! OMG, why I have I not thought of this earlier. I LOVE GREENWICH!!!

Friday comes, the house looks AMAZING, UB is ecstatic. Me and my little buddies are very happy with how beautiful the house looks but exhausted. Design job completed. Check out some photos and be prepared for



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