Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good design is weatherproof. . .


Buttoned up with raincoats, umbrellas, hats (I offered Tracy a very masculine vintage sailors’ hatIMG00066 which he declined. . . go figure.) and of course the obligatory starbucks, Tracy and I head off into the cold , wet dark, abyss. When I say abyss, I mean Wilshire Blvd at 8:30 am. Ist stop, ”the house that Jack built” jobsite. Immediately I realize we have the wrong form of transportation. A rowboat with two oars would have been much better as their yard is wetter than the Amazon. 



IMG00068 Tracy kindly assures me that there are no alligators here, too bad I could use a new pair of shoes. Note Tracy’s excellent balance and coordination skills in photo.






P1010097 Wet as river rats, we finish our morning install. . . house looks GREAT. Time to get back into the the Gibson Arc and continue the road trip. The next stop was Steve & Eydie’s, now dubbed, Blue tarp lagoon








IMG00073 Wet and muddy cannot even describe the view. We can use a drink, when is the wine cellar going to be ready????



Good design is weather proof


  1. I never knew design could be so formidable! Wait. . . yes I do!! ;)